What is Freelancing? How to Find Freelance Jobs Online and Clients:

What Is Freelancing

Freelancing refers to the ability to work and earn income outside the traditional methods of employment. With the proliferation of internet usage, connectivity, and technology, more and more workers opt for freelancing jobs. As a freelancer, you can work in almost any area and sometimes from nearly anywhere in the world, remotely.

Further, freelancing is emerging within the last decade as one of the most popular ways to grow an income. In 2019, research shows that almost 60 million people in America alone worked as freelancers compared to 53 million in 2014.

What is Freelancing? 

Are you wondering what is freelancing? As a freelancer, you undertake independent assignments instead of full-time work. You work independently, enhance flexibility, set your working hours, choose the work you enjoy, and select the clients you prefer.

As an independent contractor, you become your boss and contract your skills for set fees. Some freelancers also work remotely and can engage in freelance writing jobs or make money on the internet. However, as a part of your skillset, working as a freelancer requires prioritizing and managing your time effectively. 

There are several reasons for freelancing. While the idea of freelancing may be daunting for some, others prove it’s a highly lucrative and rewarding career option.  Many workers also opt for these jobs to manage their time more efficiently for personal and professional development. Also, you can opt to freelance between full-time jobs to get a feel for trending job opportunities. 

Further, since freelancing skills are in high demand, several companies worldwide choose to outsource some of their work. Working with a freelancer can help companies manage their operations more effectively and streamline their budget.

Research also reveals a steady increase in freelancing gigs among all segments of the workforce. For example, in the 18-22 age group or GenZ, freelancers account for 53 percent of all American workers. In the same study, Baby boomers, or those between 56 and 74, freelancers total 29 percent. Millennials, or those ages 24 to 40, account for 40 percent of freelance workers.

Further studies show that 64 percent of top-rated professionals also prefer to work as freelancers. Top freelance jobs include a freelance web developer, marketing and design consultant, translator, copywriter, videographer, SEO manager, communications specialist, and photographer.

Freelance Jobs:

With the right contacts, equipment, and skillset, you can get almost any job as a freelancer. Freelance jobs can fall into several categories. You can work independently or on a fixed, long-term, or short-term contract. Some areas of freelance jobs include finance, administration, Information technology, or customer support.

Web developing

In this area, freelancing as a web developer can include coding, systems analysis, systems management, data mining, and programming. Popular areas also include data processing, web design, data mining, and data analytics.


Working in the technical field for freelancers includes software engineering, mobile developing, scripting, gaming, automating, robotics, and artificial intelligence.


If you have an excellent speaking voice, you can find work in several areas of audio production. Voice-over freelance work can come through radio and television advertising, voice assisting, and audio recordings.  In the area of music, freelance work can include studio recordings, deejaying, and music production.

Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing specialists can find freelance work as brand managers, promoters, and social influencers. You can help enhance media presence, maintain or exceed their market share, increase sales, and attract new business.


For administrative and clerical workers, jobs will include data entry, transcribing, research, and virtual assisting.

Computer and Information Technology

As a freelance computer expert, you can offer network development services, data analysis, programming, repairs, and computer sales.


Financial services are one of the more popular areas for freelancing. You can work as a tax advisor, bookkeeper, accountant, management consultant, business analyst, or budget forecaster.


Legal eagles can also find several categories of freelance work. These may include intellectual property, immigration policy, and labor and taxation law, among others.

How to Find Freelance Online Jobs and Clients:

Some studies show almost 10 percent of all workers engage in informal jobs. Further studies also show many categories of workers continue to choose freelancing or other forms of contract work. Finding freelance online jobs and clients requires time, patience, and showcasing your skills and talents at every opportunity.

Online Freelance Jobs

Finding legitimate online freelance jobs can be challenging, and you’ll need to do your homework. Several providers offer opportunities for you to make money from internet connectivity. As you build credibility, you’ll be able to attract some of the best online jobs and clients.

Some online freelance job sources include companies like Fivver, Upwork, Mechanical Turk, Freelancer, and FlexJobs.


FlexJobs is an excellent forum for freelancers or other online job seekers. Clients utilizing the service include news and entertainment networks like CNN and NBC.


Upwork is one of the leading freelance online job portals worldwide. You can register, upload your profile, and search and negotiate on proposals.


Fiverr is another forum for both freelancers and clients. As a client, you can post listings, and freelancers can advertise their skills.

Mechanical Turk

The online portal offers several small-task jobs for clients operating through Amazon. Once you register, you can search for jobs like data processing, analysis, and managing content.

How to Attract Freelance Clients:

You can find freelance clients in many areas to attract new business and gain steady freelance work. Building a social and professional network, customer satisfaction, and marketing and promotion are some essential areas.

Build your reputation

Developing a suitable track record includes building customer satisfaction and gaining feedback. Building customer loyalty is one of the best ways to promote your business. Soliciting reviews from happy customers is an excellent way to attract new clients.


Attending trade shows and business conferences, and meaningful social events are surefire ways to meet and attract new clients. Always have your portfolio ready to share with potential business partners.

Advertising and Marketing

Having an online presence is also an ideal way to build clientele. Find ways to optimize your online search ranking. Find ways to make your business stand out from the competition. These may include hiring a marketing professional if you can afford it.

Other strategies like vlogging, creating blog posts, email blasts, and online ads are essential tools to attract new business.

Final Thought

Freelancing is fast-becoming one of the most popular forms of employment worldwide. Workers of all ages are finding it more satisfying to freelance to reduce the demands of full-time jobs. They want more time and opportunities to fulfill their personal and professional obligations. It offers the flexibility to choose work times, clients, and the level of income you desire that suits your lifestyle.

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