A harness is a set of straps or trappings fastened for easy control of the dog. This is part of the grooming fitting for the dog. The harness helps keep the dog safer on walking and gives the owner more control of it hence preventing it from dashing in case it gets terrified. There are various types of harnesses best for the dog and the owner. Before using a harness, various tests are carried. These include; ability of the owner to control the dog; ability and provision for adjustment to the dog′s body; the ability for easy washing; durability of the material used to make it; less pressure around the neck; provides ease of movement for the dog and on its body.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness. This type of harness is usually used with outdoor dogs. It is adjustable for easy control of the dog. The adjustability of straps makes the owner create a custom-fit and ultra-comfortable experience for the dog. The straps have reflective strips which guarantee maximum safety of the dog while on an outdoor walk. The reflective part warns the oncoming over speeding vehicles at night. Attached to the straps are soft and breathable materials which create enjoyment for the dog wearing. It has two metal attachment points at both the chest and the back. This makes it easy pulling since pressure is evenly distributed over the body thus preventing chances of the dog choking while pulling.  This harness stands the best overall.

URPOWER Dog Leash Harness. This is a heavy-duty manufactured harness. It is made out of nylon and jeans materials with thick layers which gives it a durable and long-lasting ability. This harness comfortably controls the dog and is resistant to tear and wear. The Urpower leash harness is best used while jogging, hiking, or walking since they tend to be more comfortable for dogs than those tied at the neck collar. They are readily available and much more secure compared to standard harnesses.

Voyager All Weather Step-in Mesh Harness. This is a one-buckled Velcro vest. The strategic placement of the buckle blocks the harness from causing the dog to choke. Being an all-weather vest, the material has a breathable mesh, it's hassle-free – no struggling during putting collars and leashes. It is durable having been designed to last long for countless walking with the dog. Dogs enjoy dual security due to a strong enclosed Velcro and heavy metal rings D-Shaped for secure attachment of the leash increasing walking confidence.

Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness. This harness is purely designed for big dogs. For easy control of the dog, it is padded with an extra handle. To increase the dog′s security, this harness comes with a reflective strap. It is also made of a D-shaped metallic ring for easy lead.

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness. This is an adjustable harness used in cars to control the dog’s movement. The travel trapping vest has a lead clip for attaching to the seat belt. It limits the dog to one position reducing possible driver distraction. Furthermore, its fully-padded vest with breathable material allows superb comfort and maximum security and also for easy control while walking.