Top 25 Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2022

Top 25 Freelance Websites

What is your New Year's resolution for 2022?

Let me guess! In this pandemic situation, when the job market crisis is the hottest topic to discuss, your primary concern in 2021 should be to be self-employed. If you are smart enough, you must be planning to work remotely in the new year to avoid surround by mass people and lessen the risk of being affected. With millions would be jobless and struggling to find a job in 2021, you, fortunately, learned about a rising market – freelancing.

Freelancing is one of the most incredible career options for people who want to earn money from internet. Researchers have predicted that freelancing will become a leading job opportunity in 2021. There are hundreds of freelance websites available on the internet. Before going deep into the best freelance websites in 2022 to find work, let’s have a clear idea about what is freelancing?

What is freelancing?

Freelancing means being self-employed and not being committed to only one employer. At a time, a freelancer can provide service to several clients. The variety of services offered is vast. From graphic designing to content writing to marketing, it covers a wide range of services.
The advantage of freelancing is that you can give the service according to your suitability. The rate paid is entirely rational, and also, there is a tax release on that. Therefore, freelancing is heaven for independent workers.

25 Best Freelance Websites For Beginners:

There are lots of freelance job opportunities available on dozens of freelance websites. So, discover the following list and select the right freelance site that offers the ultimate prospect to kickstart your freelance career.


Upwork is the most popular freelancing website, with millions of individual freelancers and employers working on the platform. You name any skill, and you would possibly see projects related to it. Apart from a broad range of technology, it also has longer-term projects, shorter-term projects,  entry-level projects, and high-paying expert-level projects.

Freelancers on Upwork use tokens called “connects” to apply to different jobs and get hired by clients. It is an excellent website for beginners as it is nearly impossible not to obtain at least one job with your first 80 free connects if used wisely.
Because thousands of jobs are offered every day, there is a chance for you too.

2. Fiverr

If you are new to freelancing, Fiverr can be an excellent start for you!  Fiverr is a freelance site that accommodates diverse types of professionals. It has been rising in popularity among freelancers as it charges them a minimal fee, making it a lot easier to look for freelance jobs.
You can offer a service at the lowest rate of $5 or more and make some extra income. Fiverr has turned into the top-most visited website for freelance jobs seekers. This freelancing job website lets you make even a hundred dollars per day with a valid offer.

3. PeoplePerHour

Above 1 million freelancers are using People Per Hour to find remote jobs and money from internet. The website has a community of freelance talents from almost worldwide. Regardless of where you reside, you can always use PPH to land gigs in freelance writing jobs, website designing, web development, etc.

This is a perfect site for beginners as there are continuously new jobs being posted, so make sure to check in on the site whenever you are free frequently.


Freelancer is also an excellent site for those beginning their profession as a freelancer. It is a pretty big online marketplace — perhaps second best to Upwork. 
At this very moment, almost 19,000+ different jobs are regularly posted on, so there are many customers in need of assistance with services just like yours.


Guru is yet one more marketplace to find freelance jobs. They have a simple hiring procedure, and therefore it makes it simple for the customers to hire freelancers. It is a relatively smaller marketplace, and it makes it less price competitive. Also, has a Workroom feature that makes it simple to supervise all the jobs.

6. Toptal

If you are a designer, software developer, or finance expert who is extremely fluent in the English language and a top performer in the field, Toptal is the best freelance platform you are searching for. Whether you want an hourly rate, full-time, or part-time job, Toptal can get it for you.
Toptal is a perfect website for market researchers, Finance consultants, and other professionals. If you are a finance professional and determined to take a step ahead in a freelance career, this website has some tremendous opportunities.

7.  Dribble

Dribble is ample space for freelancers looking to provide creative services of any type. Many jobs on this website are for graphic designers, web designers, and branding strategists.
Companies, both small and big, post different services they are searching for on this site. A standard job board suggests both full-time and freelance gigs, but you can pay a little fee to acquire access to the exclusive freelancer-only board.

8. Media Bistro

Media Bistro offers part-time and full-time positions, and it also has a particular part dedicated exclusively to freelancers.
There are plenty of remote and personal freelance positions on the website. This is a great website to start achieving skills as a newbie and making money on the internet.

9. TaskRabbit

Freelancing platform TaskRabbit is well recognized for its same-day delivery service capabilities. It lets companies and professionals run more errands more efficiently and promptly. If you are a freelancer, you can utilize this platform to find any kind of job, including grocery delivery, yard work, housekeeping, and even furniture assembly. 
TaskRabbit lets you communicate with customers who can explain to you the services they need. To make the job easier, the platform also informs you if a task is due.


If you have talent in writing,  designing, development, marketing, or any other freelance field Hubstaff Talent is searching for you. Numerous clients and agencies use Hubstaff to find freelancers. It is an opportunity to get yourself hired and earn money on internet.
Most of the freelancing marketplaces have fees for freelancers and clients, but Hubstaff has different operating methods. It is completely free for freelancers and clients, quite a modern way to initiate a new marketplace. Also, they have by now hit the 7,000+ freelancers mark and multiplying.

11. FlexJobs

Though FlexJobs is mostly for remote positions, they do suggest some freelance jobs as well. This website presently offers 30,000 various jobs in a variety of industries, from travel to fashion!
Regardless of what position you are interested in, you can pretty well find it on Just confirm that it is one that says "freelancer", not "employee" and starts making money on the internet.

12. crowdSPRING

A platform formed to hook up freelancers with entrepreneurs, crowdSPRING targets creatives searching for incredible projects. It is admired by many designers, providing them the prospect to prove their skills. This helps them in their entrance to the world of freelancers. It consists of more than 200,000 creative talents and is visited by no less than 50,000 businesses globally.

13. SolidGigs

SolidGigs is considered one of the top freelancing sites for beginners if you are searching for exclusive jobs. It means that the website will get jobs best suited for the services you offer and confirm that you are up to date with them so you can apply! To join SolidGigs, enter your email and quickly get on the list for making money on the internet— it is as easy as that.

14. 99Designs

99Designs is a Freelance platform that is popular specifically for its flexibility and global reach. It is a popular platform that mainly focuses on web designing. It is the perfect site for freelancers who offer web designing services to clients. It also includes banners,  logos, image designs, etc.
If you think you are a competent design expert with excellent skills, then this is the right place for you. It will help you discover the correct project as the platform is backed by a comprehensive business community motivated by development. 99Designs has four diverse locations on four continents worldwide.

15.  Twine is an artistic niche freelancing website. So it is for freelancers with the development, graphic design, marketing, music, video, illustration, and animation niche.
You can create an account at no charge and pitch for 15 jobs monthly. If you upgrade to a Pro account, you can then apply for 50 projects monthly.
The Twine has a thoughtful page or portfolio. It is made to sell your services. Freelancers can import testimonials from clients to put up trust with potential clients.

16. StackOverflow

StackOverFlow is a different enormous job board that attaches employers with appropriate tech freelancers. If you are determined to offer freelance services, you can look for remote options.
You can make a developer story to showcase your experience and skills. You can also get beginner freelancing jobs on StackOverflow to begin making money on the internet.


Hirable is a freelancing platform that gives enormous opportunities to companies and freelancers to hook up. All Freelancers are pre-screened before they are connected with clients. It is considered to be a more professional platform for freelancing as a web developer and designer.

18. Catalant

Catalant is another Freelance website that helps freelancers unite with the real businesses who require their services by using a responsive operating model to speed up the work development. It also employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the platform with functionalities that contain collaborative filtering, knowledge management, and content similarity. As a freelancer, you have a chance to join a rich talent pool to market your skills and experiences to a variety of agencies.

19. ServiceScape

ServiceScale is a worldwide marketplace for freelancers with an extensive range of skills. It allows freelancers in many niches like editing, writing, designing, and translating. ServiceScape is an excellent freelancing platform to begin working with small and large business houses. By investing a little time and completing some projects, a freelancer can kick start their work here.

20. Contena

If content creating, writing, and editing is your niche, then should be at the peak of your to-do list. It is highly recommended for content writers to start freelance writing jobs on Contena due to the high volume of writing-related jobs.
Another great thing about Contena is they feature a combination of part-time & full-time freelance jobs. All freelance writers would have several writing job opportunities in categories like sport, technology, photography, and other industries.

21. Skyword

While mostly being a content marketing solution provider for media companies and businesses, Skyword is a platform that also provides to freelancers looking to work. From media influencers and writers to graphic designers and videographers, Skywood can give enterprises a pool of freelance professionals best suited for their project’s requirements.

22. Gigster

The Freelance marketplace Gigster is primarily designed to act as a link among companies and freelance app developers. When you join the platform, you get to be listed with the ranks of skilled talents - worked in tech niches. 
Some of the freelancers working on the platform are newbies, while numerous came from schools like MIT and Stanford. They are recognized for creating apps that have won awards from Apple.

23.  LinkedIn

Believe it or not, lots of people post about freelance jobs they have to be filled on LinkedIn always. These jobs are regularly circulated on the LinkedIn job board, but you also can do a quick search through the search bar on the LinkedIn platform to discover and tie with clients who require your services.

24. Facebook Groups

An excellent platform for freelancers-Facebook Groups is often ignored as a vast opportunity to discover freelance gigs for starters. If you identify what type of customer you would like to apply to, you can quickly get jobs on the platform. If you feel like working with travel bloggers, then look for Facebook Groups that are formed for them. It can be an excellent platform for you to start.

25. Amazon Mechanical Turk

The freelance platform Amazon Mechanical Turk lets business owners or individuals outsource their technological work to be finished virtually. These types of jobs can range from easy data validation to content moderation or review participation.
MTurk offers access to on-demand and various jobs through a flexible client interface. Freelancers can straightly integrate with a straightforward API.


The key to the success of a freelancing beginner is to remain to put him out there. Make sure to frequently visit these freelance websites and continuously check in with them at a minimum once every few days to observe a customer searching for services like yours. 
We hope you found this list of websites helpful. If you did, please share this article with your friends, family, and social media contacts. Happy freelancing!